The song is about Christ who is the ‘Lilly by the Wayside’. Just as Christ is far away from the things of this world, we should equally be far from the patterns and desires of this world.
Its deep, cause God has called us to carry His DNA and many Christians dont understand that, and today many in the Church cannot manifest the Mysterious Works of God. They are so much like the world. They have not entered into His intimacy where the mystery of Christ is revealed. Yes you can heal the sick, cast out demons and speak in tounges, this is a lower level, come kick it with the Father by the Wayside where the deeper things are revealed. By the Wayside thats where we turn poisonous substances into juice, we pick us serpents and they bow down to Christ in us (Mark 16:15-18) here in His intimacy the Spirit of God leads your Rhymes, here its about Christ and Him Crucified. Here its NOT about you and your gifts. Here by the wayside its about the sweet smelling Lilly, here we defuse the fragance of Christ and all things bow and acknowledge Him only. Bump with the Spirit.

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