Kanye West released a dope album that kept every CHH artists in excitement, including South African CHH.

No artist came negatively on the project, instead they all gave Kanye thumps up on this one.

Bellow are comments on the project by some of them:


There are so many Christians online. Big names and influencers including regular folk who are waiting for Kanye to Fall. Who are waiting for him to slip up just so they can say “I TOLD YOU SO”. As if Ye doesn’t deserve the same grace they received. As if Ye doesn’t deserve a chance or a shot to try and progress in his faith and make mistakes and learn and grow.

I’ve been watching so many interviews from him lately. Well last night alone. This is a man who is trying so hard to walk right. He is trying. That’s what counts. Whatever happens, even if he slips up, I thank God for the grace that reached a man like that.



One day Paul was Killing Christians, the next day he was a Christian. One day Peter was a fisherman, the next day he is the fisher of men. Don’t judge someone based on that one day. If God can create the whole world in six days, He can surely create a new heart in one. One day Kanye was calling himself Yeezus, the next day he is calling on Jesus name. Jesus is the King. He can do anything in anyone at anytime.



I heard better Christian Hip Hop.. but am happy or Kanye West, we need to support nd pray for our brother… if God can do it for Saul, He can do it for Kanye.


Blessing Christing

😭🔥🔥😭 Kant wena Jesu unjani 😭🔥🔥😭

This ulbum us FIRE!!!

Kanye has Just turned into a Preacher baarn🔥👏💪⛪. See God?



Kanye west – Jesus is King album. Best album ever. Gospel Hip-hop music.
Thanks for the album Kanye🔥💪I’m very proud . God is great 😭