Gcwala Series continues from where it left off last week, MAMA unpacks a closet of scars of a long-distance relationship between mother and son. The song takes the theme of a lesson but in a strange sense, in revealing the scarred relationship Luxolo grew up having with his mother we learn about how he gradually accepts his plight without any lingering feelings of resentment.

Lux Kent - Mama | Ep5 | (Gcwala Series)
MAMA – Lux Kent

The sombre beat sets up the lamentation for an estranged relationship. The beat weeps but in comfort and empathy to what Luxolo Kentane pours out on it.  The song is beautifully vulnerable, calling the listener to do just that listen. As we listen, we are given the picture of life before and after the rent in Lux Kent’s relationship with his mom. The cycle outlined in the succession of the rappers’ elegy is nothing short of poetic in rhyme scheme and expression that is unapologetically but gracefully sharing about his loss. Yet there is a rhetoric that hangs in the balance; can what is broken ever be mended?

MAMA has no hook but as eluded to earlier the beat is more than enough to fill the space. It is just Lux and the beat on this one and the make melody. In the first Lux is the child torn between two people he loves; he shares the trauma divorce leaves on a child and negative emotions that build up within them. As we are in Mental Health Awareness Month: the song hits the nail with how it opens our eyes to the effects on the unheard bodies of the family unit.

Lux follows the first theme with the second that testifies of who and how he healed from this broken relationship, proving that God is near to the brokenhearted. The song emotionally draws reflections of two notable songs that talk of estranged parents, first being “Cleaning up my Closest” by Eminem, and secondly “Bitter” by Andy Mineo. Mama invokes similar emotions, although unlike Eminem’s song that ends in death, Andy Mineo’s and Lux Kent’s tracks end in life. The song calls us to open up our wounds to the one who can heal and allow Him to heal the brokenness of our past.

If you have a testimony of how God healed you from past scars, share with us, and share the song to those you feel need to hear it. Help Lux Kent continue with his music ministry by becoming a Patreon now (https://www.patreon.com/livinglegacymovement). Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and comment under the video. Next week Friday is the last episode of the Gcwala series so be sure to set a reminder for “Marching In. “

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