The Gcwala series draws to a close with its final episode, Marching In now live. Lux Kent has embarked on this visual journey “to tackle many different topics in new and creative ways. This series has also challenged me to be more creative and consistent. The Gcwala series will also allow us a team to build intentional support through our Patreon community, this community will allow us to be more financially stable + it also allows us to have direct communication with the people who consider themselves supporters of the Living Legacy Movement. Patreon Link: My hope also is to get more people to listen to my debut album Langa,” announced Lux at the beginning of the series.

Marching In – Lux Kent

The series led us through the SA CHH artist’s highlights and lowlights all reflected through the lenses of God’s Word. It seemed to show that what matters to you matters to God, and Marching In is one that addresses a burning matter, will you listen? The song is the shortest of all the episodes and takes on the setting of a hip-hop protest song. The lyrics are like read-out placards and translation of the fire in the protester’s heart. It addresses the issue of education, inequality, and justice. There are two rhetorical questions posed here, firstly “will you listen?” and secondly “why won’t you listen?”

I saw it with my very eyes,

I saw it, I was one of them

Marching In – Lux Kent

The interchange between from them to we then filtered into I, gives us the sense that the song empathetic and the – they to you seem to point at the apathetic reaction to the cause and plea of those who have been wronged. He challenges himself and listeners to be like Jesus and uphold the cause of the innocent. Echoing the message of Micah 6:8 “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

The beat gives as a visual of a man amid a protest taking in everything, he is present but still analyzing those around him, in his mind, he is the reporter, source, and cameraman. It feels like it is slowed down for us to understand but it happened at the fast pace of marching feet, then the lyrics come to complete the image we see.
It ends off with a statement that in itself is a question as if to say do you treat me differently coz you don’t perceive me to be human-like you?

Lux Kent is savvy in his storytelling and leaves nothing to chance; the message is amplified in his choices of producer collab and words. Marching is a great reference to Tell Me from his debut album Langa. What are your thoughts on the series? Which song and video were your favorites? Let us know by commenting on the article and the Living Legacy Movement’s Youtube channel. Uzogcwala, we salute Lux on his musical journey and expect much more from him and LLM.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.