Lux Kent continues dishing out the heat with the drop of episode 2 of the Gcwala series, Destiny is out now. (Click here to listen now).

Destiny continues in the celebration of Lux Kent’s musical journey but in a rather reflective introspection sense.  Having reached the quarter-life landmark Lux unpacks some of the lessons he learned on the way;  how to trust God and discern relationships.  He ends verse one with a pause that shares the mood of the rapper when writing, the song feels like we are a fly on the wall listening to his counseling session…  Breathe it seems to say, which seems to be further expressed in the video of the song.

Destiny – Lux Kent ft. Crusader

The second verse continues where the last one left off, not in the topic but in the events leading up to Lux being Mr. Legacy as the vision he carried started fighting for release again asking him to put his faith in God,  then he goes back to an issue he eluded to at the end of the first verse and also in 2 of the singles he released prior to Pass Out; he shares how he is learning not to let notoriety and fulfilling his vision keep him from being a good brother – a present brother. The verse ends with resolutions and rewards he has received through staying on God’s lane connecting this song tightly with the last one.

Learning to build this business and still keep my faith
What is legacy, what is living Legacy
I don’t care if you don’t remember me, but remember my king
‘Coz we building this thing legacy

Destiny – Lux Kent

The chorus has lyrical ingenuity once again,  certifying the gradual climb of healthy introspection,  and the addition of the Shona lyrics in the bridge before the second verse seasons the song with the salt that brings out the flavours of the song. “Ntodokawurema ndibatsirei Ndibatsirei ndibatsirei (please help me, help me,  help me), this fight is getting harder and harder for me Ndibatsirei ndibatsirei
Ah, Ndibatsirei
(help me, help me,  ah help me).” The vocals by Crusader are the mellow and soul tones the chorus needed to come to life and by going back to the first chorus after the second verse shows the thoughtful arrangement of the song each part echoing the last and pointing to the next all whilst creating expectations that are met and even exceeded by Lux Kent’s storytelling.

Tyrese Sineke is definitely a producer that we need to start looking out for,  the LLM crew has several songs produced by him all of which are crisp, clean, and proper honestly you don’t want to be caught sleeping on this talented young one, you will regret it. He produced the Gcwala, Destiny, and two other songs from Lux Kent’s Gcwala series. We salute you.

Not any beat is for every song,  the selection of beats of the artist is truly reflective of his musical journey,  the process is not completely known but results are heard bringing a breath of fresh air to the listener.  We say teach us your ways Mr. Legacy and salute the legacy as it continues. To support the movement please click on this link to become a Patron. The Gcwala series continues to share your 1-minute video review on the series thus far.  Don’t forget to click subscribe on the Living Legacy Movement YouTube channel and set the reminder for the next drop.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.