The Gcwala series permeates with celebration, lessons, and reflection. Each song has led us to trail the musical story of Lux Kent in areas of family, ministry, business, and now love. As the artist announced on his social media platforms, eGcuwa is a tribute and celebration of the love he and his partner Ntsiki share, the couple met through King Smasher, and their relationship has grown into a beautiful tapestry of God sent love.

Doctor come take my temperature
‘Round you ini ndonyemwerera
(I smile uncontrollably)
Let them talk I don’t care
We throw shade kunge (like) umbrella
I know life ain’t fair
No way
Its ok I found you

eGcuwa – Lux Kent ft. Crusader

 eGcuwa is Luxulo Kentane’s homeland; the song shares how he would love to take her there. The afro infused trap soul beat (produced by HK) carries the fluidity of what the lyrics describe eGcuwa to be like, painting a vivid image of this beautiful place he would love to take his beautiful love to.  The hills of eGcuwa give a vague reference to those spoken of in Songs of Solomon. How far it seems to have come from the track Place called home when Lux wrote: “kunzim’ ukujola” to writing “What’s an obstacle we the perfect team” in eGcuwa, testament that the trail of heartbreak seems worth it when you find the one for you.

Lux Kent – eGcuwa feat. Crusader

The song begins with the first hook; it not being repeated affirms its last four lines that point out things that they needn’t dwell on because he has found her. The first verse speaks of the places he wants to take her to both metaphorically and literally as this love is also maturing him in love and substance. The second hook (or should we say the main chorus) echoes verse one yet in the context of the bridge, the term baggage speaks no longer in aspects of past relationships or unhealed issues but rather the heaviness of the deep feelings and intentions he has for his love. The collaboration gives a sense that the song is about the relationships of both artists but in powerful unison, written in three languages but translated into one that communicates the loudest: LOVE.

Maybe I take you home
We can walk the hills zase Gcuwa
Ndikuse eBika and show you the waterfalls
‘Coz I’m falling for you, like I’m learning how to walk
Leaning to walk the talk so I gotta give it my all

eGcuwa – Lux Kent ft. Crusader

The single inspires us to look to God and each other to build up a lasting relationship, taking with it in its stride the obstacles that will come our way together with our beloved. 

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