After releasing his debut album Langa on the 26th of June that has inspired conversations on the topics he raised in the album but Mr. Legacy is not done yet. He announced last week that people should look out for his music video series titled Gcwala.

Paving my way it’s glistening
Whilst my demons are whispering 
What I have is limited
Because my ambition is limitless
And I’ll be here until the finish
Got the spirit of a fighter 
With an orphan’s hunger

Gcwala – Lux Kent

The Gcwala Series is a new creative outlet for me, as I try to tackle many different topics in new and creative ways. This series has also challenged me to be more creative and consistent. The Gcwala series will also allow us as a team to build intentional support through our Patreon community, this community will allow us to be more financially stable + it also allows us to have direct communication with the people who consider themselves supporters of the Living Legacy Movement. shared Lux Kent. Gcwala is a series of 6 songs with their respective music videos released every Friday. SACHH was given an exclusive peek into the tracks that will be released, so from this Friday we will be publishing exclusive reviews on the song to be released on each respective Friday. This week we review Gcwala ft, Butch Cassidy. 

In true LLM style, Lux spits three verses on truth in creativity. The first verse reflects on the advice he has been given and the rewards of walking in integrity, the second verse is about haters or people who didn’t take the vision seriously and Lux highlights how he never let that deter his hustle, and the last verse teaches in proverb fashion what it means to be a man.

Lux Kent - Gcwala Ft. Butch Cassidy | Ep1| (Gcwala Series)
Gcwala – Lux Kent ft. Butch Cassidy

The musical arrangement is symbolic of a journey the chorus encoring the meaning of each verse shows the steady climb of maturity; even though the lyrics of the chorus don’t change, it seems to carry a different weight after each verse and reflective of the artist’s journey. The beat has a hip hop musical box feel even with the addition of the snare, the theme park melody of the keys emphasises the first 4 bars of the song, setting the mood of the track and perhaps even the whole series.

 CHORUS /// 
We here size ngozospana

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SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.