In SYNC interview with Keagan Holland

The king of the south Keagan Holland is also the founder of the CHH affiliation El Tribus. “Growing up my brother would loudly play Hip-Hop in the house, this is where I fell in love with Hip-Hop. Later on, I eventually heard the call of the Lord. To my surprise, one could blend Hip-Hop and Jesus together after hearing the likes of Karl Nova, Jahaziel and Lecrae. I shortly began my CHH walk,” Keagan explains on his decision to become a SA CHH artist. He describes his musical style as wild and it is influenced by KB and Jaden Smith. He has worked with a lot of great talent including Ricwa, Jhey-Dot, Phlo-Girl, to name a few. Keagan added that “I currently have no one I would eagerly like to work with; just focusing on growing myself in the Lord, as a young man and as a musician.” He listens to a variety of SA CHH artists and suggested we be on the lookout for Tshabuza, Adriaan Jacobs and MS.

SA CHH is bigger than a genre it is bigger than a movement, it is our faith, our lives recorded for all to listen and sing along to.

Keagan Holland

The 24 years old South African Christian Hip Hop artist, songwriter and producer is an ambassador for Tall Boy Wear and spends his time not just cooking them tracks but in videography, photography and merchandise. He loves spending time with family and friends, watching movies and playing Xbox. The size and venue of performance don’t matter to Keagan Holland but what he looks out for in a live performance is “for everyone to praise and worship with me, and not watch me as an entertainer, for the crowd has to receive the message (if not, it was a fail), and everyone to leave believing more in Jesus and their dreams.” The performances that have been a highlight for him are whenever he goes to AFM Newclare, including JAM Session, Eldorado Park Ext 9 PPC during the 2018 Kings of the South Tour, “These are just 2, there are many more, I would say whenever the crowd receives the spirit stronger than the hype,” added Keagan.

The King of the South has released 3 projects thus far; Promise Land, I Got Plans and Nothing on me; and for 2020 Keagan shares that, “I have a full mixtape done that I doubt I will drop, however, myself and Ricwa have been speaking about a King Of The South 2, other than that, more singles to be released.”

Keagan Holland - I Got Plans (Official Lyric Video)

Keagan has a chilled demeanour but is hyped up for God. He loves connecting with listeners in person and on his social media platforms. He uses the platforms to inspire others and share his life with the “world”, Keagan is on his way to being an urban Christian influencer. Which is important especially in this time were COVID-19 has taken up most of the people’s conversation and caused a lot of panics. “I believe through the thick and the thin, ups and downs, crisis or no crisis. We need to trust in God. Even in this state of emergency, to have hope that it too shall pass. To do what we can to help one another, which means educating one another about prevention’s, staying at home and so forth. To cooperate with the new rules for it is the best for the world, for the country and for our families. Staying with faith in God, remaining strong and staying indoors, ” encourages Keagan. We echo the same and encourage everyone to take all the advised precautions.

Keagan Holland shared with fans that he will be featured in the next season of SABC 1’s Gospel Unplugged, he applauded the band and musicians saying they were a blessing to work with.

“I believe it’s (a SA CHH hit) a perfect blend of content an the beat, can’t be rapping about turning up with a Hillsong worship instrumental. They both have the compliment each other to hit as hard as the song possibly can hit. The ultimate feel of the song, if it is intended to be sad, it should make you sad lol, if it is hype it is suppose to get heads bumping and not sound like a failed attempt.”

Keagan Holland

Holland is young but is mature in faith, constantly sharing his faith to those around him, whatever the gathering could. To the South African Christian Hip Hop artists he says, “if you truly have God as your portion, you lack nothing. Go conquer. ” Keagan Holland seems to live out the application of 1 Tim 4:12-16. We encourage him to continue to be an example to all and influence others for Christ. Follow Keagan on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram. And Subscribe to his YouTube channel to find out more about Keagan’s music and performances

SACCH raises the flag and raises the bars.