SACHH got to have an exclusive chat with DJ Sebz the producer of Street Ministry a show on Bay TV (DSTV channel 260), DJ Sebs gives us a closer look at the show and the dynamics of producing it.

DJ Sebz shared that it has been great being part of the program and working with a talented team; from cameraman, editors, and the presenters. “I can say our greatest challenge will be funding to travel the country to bring the program to youth, churches, and communities in South Africa.  And  in all of our seasons, we have lost talent to other programs and companies and in a way, we pride ourselves on producing them.” He voiced that “Hip hop as a genre is watered down and we have a lot of hype and artists who lack substance. It is worse for Gospel-centered artists to have the media embracing them because of the message we bring with the platforms we have we still need more and for that to happen we need to unite and push for the benefit of the kingdom.” Which seems to be the word going around the CHH nation, to unite our efforts for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Five Things You Should Know About the Show Street Ministry

  • The Purpose

The program was created for the outcast in the body of Christ. In our traditional churches if you are not in a choir or worship team your talent and gift in other spheres of the arts are not important. This has always been in my spirit that we all are of service in the church and we should use all available people/youth to bring lost souls to the kingdom. We approached Bay TV with the show called Street Ministry so as to do evangelistic work using Hip Hop and Poetry.

  • How many seasons has it been running? 

So far we have more than 3 seasons going to the 4th one in July.

  • How can one feature on the show?

Because we are based in Nelson Mandela Bay most of the artists approach the station, we travel to them and shoot in an outside location. For those in JHB and other provinces, we request the artist to record a 3min video interview and send it to us then we play it along with his music video or performance depending on the quality we get.

  • Who can feature on the show?

It is a gospel Hip Hop and Poetry show, so anyone from that genre but we also give room to R&B neo-soul artists who are dedicated to preaching the word and using their talents to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • When does the show air?

Our new season is scheduled for 10 am on the 19th of July 2020.

You can connect with the show and DJ Sebs via their Facebook page Street Ministry or email them for a feature at or We are looking forward to the expansion of the Kingdom through all platforms.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.