TlhoGi, the R&B/Hip-Hop Artist released another hit album,The Art, he released it on the 28th of April and he says the title comes from the scripture in Jeremiah 18 where it speaks about the potter and the clay.

The project consists of 12 tracks and it has 4 producers who delivered the beats including TlhoGi Himself. It features four different artists who bring a peculiar sound to the album. Bellow is the tracklist and features from the album.

1. Air

2. I Need You

3. Sanctify (feat. Dani-elle)

4. Running

5. I Was There

6. God Got This

7. Hayo Mathata

8. True Love

9. I Am a Winner (feat. Francois of de Messiah)

10. Blessed (feat. Atomix)

11. Hayo Mathata Remix (feat. LANE)

12. The Art

The album has been nominated for the INGOMAs for best Gospel Hip Hop album. He added by “In this project, I poured my heart from the first track to the last and it is a project that is filled with the word of God”.

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