WANTS Wednesdays leave us wanting more...

WANTS Wednesdays rounds off with the release of Blaque Nubon’s single Umndeni. The song talks about his commitment to providing for his family, and ends off with some serious financial advice about not making the pursuit of money a god; he further highlights these 3 lies:

  1. Money is a sin.
  2. Money is your king.
  3. Money brings happiness.

These are commonly believed concepts that can be expelled by reading God’s word and renewing our minds.

This single like all of the other WANTS Wednesdays singles have been edifying and encouraging while turning up for Christ. Check out the single here and let us know of any effective financial advice you received in your life. Do not forget to purchase your ticket to We Are Present – Blaque Nubon and Lilly Million’s concert NOW!!! More details are found on our What’s Happening page.

Umndeni – Blaque Nubon

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.