Last part of our topic was lit, all musicians agreed to one thing,”yes it can” and gave up their thoughts, but this is part 2, do all really agree on one thing?
Lets find out.

Gershy Gersh
Morning bro.. I apologize for the late response.. I do believe so.. Although I think that if the artist does not live out what he says over his/her music.. The music looses it’s power.. I believe it’s vital to be about what you write about.

Inspiration of music has power to lead one in to salvation depending on the source behind you and your music, prayer and daily meditation on the word of God revives hidden abilities of what you touch or do. The more chh artists will to go deeper into the true gospel the bigger n stronger your fish net becomes and always know the Source is God and only God not your talent.

Eleazar Ellvi$
When music is created from a place of worship or praise with the aid of the HOLYSPIRIT the moment it will reach to the masses they is going to be a massive change in each and every one’s heart with conviction for salvation. And if it’s created in the opposite process it won’t convict anyone for salvation.

Good evening Bro,First and foremost I would like to thank yo for this opportunity to give myq thoughts on the topic at hand.
I Believe 90% of our thoughts today are influenced or rather inspired by what we hear,and mostly in the music that we’re in tuned to.With that being said,If music can lead one to darkness (sin) ,then it’s more than certain that it can give birth to life as well.
We can go back to the bible for a clear insight on what I’m trying to say. Remember how much King Saul was bothered by an evil spirit,and the only thing that could keep him sane would be the music played by David?
With this in mind lets also remember that,Salvation is as a result of faith,and from the scripture,Faith comes by *hearing* the word. So yes,Music with the word of God plays a huge role to salvation for it is a form of ministration. Thank you again sir

Yes , coz music is spiritual, It provokes spirits and it also depends on the kind of music . Some inspiration music can only trigger emotions like love , so if the music is relayed to salvation it will def lead Someone the same way.

I don’t believe that the inspiration of music can play a role in leading one to salvation but I do believe that music that is inspired by Christ Jesus can! Such music bears more than just the creative heart and mind of an artist but it also embodies the voice of the Holy Spirit that will continue to tug at a heart even after the music stops.

Z_Lus The Zeal
To answer your question, i think we need to establish what it is that leads people into salvation. I would like to believe that the Christians who read this agree with me when I say that it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that brings salvation. Music is just an aid that facilitates the gospel and how it is conveyed in a message to another person. So does music play a role in leading one to salvation? Yes it does but it alone does not bring salvation. It is the word of God that transforms the heart and the Holy Spirit that convicts the soul when one is lead to repent their sins and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Music is like a cup and the word of God is the content inside. If the gospel was like water without form, it would flow all over the place and would be hard for someone to gather it all up to drink but if we consider how easy it is to drink water from a cup, we get to enjoy how easy it is to drink. So CHH is like that cup that holds the gospel for those that will hear so that they can receive the message in a way that best suits their reality.

Jay Kay The Rapper
i would say yes music could play a role…music has the ability to spark certain emotions and ignite certain life changing thoughts so i would say it could act as a stepping stone that leads to a person having an encounter with God.. And ultimately having that person come to salvation..


I feel as though the inspiration of music can lead a person to salvation but indirectly because the music could lead to them wanting to know more about Christ if they were not familiar with what he did on the cross, someone could hear a song about what he did then that could spark their interest in the gospel n draw them to exploring the word for themselves to learn more about God and then that ends with them deciding to dedicate their life to Christ.

The Followers
Yes a million times if that inspiration is the Holy Spirit. If the music that I listen to is not inspired by the Spirit of God then it won’t play apart in leading a soul to Christ, because the Word of God say that he draws up near to him in John 6:44; John 6:65;

And Heeeeeeey… Part 3 is on the way👊👊👊👊