For those who don’t know, I am a rapper too, Jenius, and some guys, Zacchaeus Therapper saw it as apropiate for him to interview me as I am the one doing interviews and no one interviews me. So he did a ten Questions interview with me bellow.

I’ve Noticed on How Jenius Is Not Interviewed. And I Just Needed To Take This Moment To Have A Chat With Him, Lets Say In Ten Questions?

1. By Now We Know And Aware, That Jenius Is One Of The Gospel Rappers. But What Makes Jenius Different From The Rest? No Pun Intended.
Jenius has his unique way of doing his music, different sound and flow… He doesn’t want to be boxed in a “trap/boombap” box, he just do good music for the Lord.

2. Recently A Fellow Gospel Rapper, Zacchaeus Therapper, Released A Tracklist, And You Been Featured On A Song: Crown Of Thorns. Tell Us More About The Work You Did Together.
Well Zacchaeus Therapper is that guy that gave me the first taste of South African Gospel Rap, even though he was not doing Gospel rap, I started listening to SA Gospel rap by his song tilted NOBODY KNOWS and at that time, he was called Captain Ray, then that’s when I followed him on twitter and saw his retweets on Mawat, Midpoint and more, so because of him I started to explore more. So we then DMed each other and we had a chat about a collab, then finally collab happened after more like a year. So yea I’m on His track, track 02 (Crowns of Thorns) from his upcoming project (The Lamb EP), so yea expect fire fire flame emojies😀

3. We Noticed That Both Of You, Have New Twitter Accounts. Coincidence It Is.. You Two Twins In Some Sort?
Yea, Haha … Mine was blocked though, uhm coz of security reasons, so I opened the new one, and he created his new one because of, he changed from secular to Gospel, so he wanted to the whole new thing.

4. Where Can Fans Your Music?
Very simple, guys I have a website, so just check me out at MY WEBSITE

5. Who Is The Lucky Lady Inlove With Jenius. Because Ncubeko And Ntokozo Mbatha Cannot Be The Only Couple In The Industry
Haha i would like to have No comment about that 😂… But I’ll be married in future though😂.

6. What Can We Expect From Jenius In 2018?
Expect a new mixtape from me, couple of singles, including the international feature (Ghana)

7. Awards-Awards-Awards! Gospel Rappers Seem Not To Own Or Host Any. What Can Be Done About This?
We still in the process as the SACHH community, I believe guys like and The Grid Africa have something in coming as you have, or we have.

8. Who Would You Appreciate To Work With, Both In Gospel Rap Or Secular Music?
Blaque Nubon, Mawat, Lilly Million, JD Cross on TlhoGi and more man, just wanna work with everybody who is working in the industry bro.

9. One Word For Your Music Followers?
In the words of Trip Lee, from Lecrae’s song, Jesus Muzik, “We Glorify the Lord in what we listen to”… Take care, keep high for the Lord. Expect something big this year.

10. Twitter Handle?