We connected with JD Crosson to let you in on some of that Good Good he has been cooking, his thoughts on the Libya incident and more. JD is one of the best Christian Soulful Singers we’ve ever come across and guess what….. he is South African *applause* okay now, let’s get to the interview.

Who is JD?
JD is man that loves Jesus, a man who’s passion is the Word and music.

Why use JD?
The name JD are initials for my full name ‘Jose’ Donahue

What made you decide that music is what you wanna be doing?
I believe I was born into it and it chose me rather than me choosing it. My mom has been the one involved in music and I just happened to pursue it. Music quiets your mind from the noise and understands your emotions and has the power to transform.

If you were not doing music, what is it that you would be doing now?
Definitely sports, growing up I was so good at both and eventually I had to give way to one or the other. I still play indoor sports.

How would you describe your music style if genres were non-existent?
Smooth, punchy, soulful… let’s just call it good music lol

Who is your inspiration and the person you would love to work with in the music business?
There’s a whole lot but I would like to single out Jason Upton and Dr Tumi. Dr Tumi is just something else and the message of Grace and Jesus in his songs speaks volumes to me.

If you were voted in as president, what law would you put in motion?
There would be no law lol…. just kidding. I would say equality for all, same resources, opportunities, and all that jazz.

Tell us about your new project?
Wow Chapters and Verses really feels like it’s my first work that’s been put out, I’ve been recording for the past 10 years but this project is a new experience for me. It consists of 8 tracks, a mixture of R&B and Soul, under the umbrella of Gospel. Each song is filled with vast melodies, distinctive harmonies and lyrics backed up by scripture upon scripture based on life’s experiences. It’s an album that reveals Jesus Christ…

What are your your future plan, whether it be 5/10 years?
Get married lol, some kids too hehe. Uhm I believe in being a pioneer so I would love to see the younger generation of artists stepping out and not being ashamed of expressing Jesus through their art , especially in R&B/Hip-Hop. As for my plans, walk this journey with me and see what unfolds. We going up!!

What are your thoughts on the Slave trade operation happening in Libya?
It’s a crazy World!! But as believers let’s pray and help where we can, be it through bringing awareness or distribution of scarce resources. We also need people in power to Act, Jesus won’t you Do It Again.