“had to bury my paps while my moms was in jail”


Had a chat with Mawat on social media about his upcoming event, Born Again Youth Fest. Take a look at the convo bellow and gain some knowledge.


First of all, for the sake of those who don’t know who Mawat is, please tell us little about you…
Lol…I cant believe I still have to explain this…hahahaha…But Mawat is a young black man who is born again (pun intended)..Loves music , love people, loves food hahahaha. Im from one of Durban’s poorest township INANDA – Grew up there and my father passed away before I became a full on man, had to bury my paps while my moms was in jail, my granny then raised us until my moma came out. Fast forward – got born again and my purposed life then began, my past was my gas and learning curve for the MAWAT you know now.

Now talking about the Fest, why BORN AGAIN YOUTH FEST, why not names like BLESSED YOUTH FEST etc?
The funny part is that it was called “BLESSED Youth Fest” but we stuck with “BORN AGAIN YOUTH FEST” Born Again is a revelation, you come to a point in your life to say, I cannot do this life like this I need a fresh start. So not even spiritually but also ‘physically’ when you say, im “BORN AGAIN” what I thought is cool and life is actually not, what society told me is actually not the truth I have another revelation about life and will not conform to society standards. So this youth, us, we just want to have a time together to celebrate us, HIM, and be empowered. BORN AGAIN YOUTH FEST is AFRICA’s largest YOUTH fest. Next year we already in great talks with Zambia. So we actually impacting Africa with this, people are hungry for real life, and that is what BORN AGAIN YOUTH FEST .

You stated on your social media platforms that it’s been long since you wanted to have this, for how long?
Its like 3 years now, and you can imagine the feeling that we are finally launching the first instalment and all the great response we getting regarding it. We about to Praise God on another level, experience God on another.

We saw that Church Boyy Bizness are on the lineup, and they have been working with you on couple of shows, can you explain your relationship with the trio?
Yeah, they just my lil bros, and if you know me , then you know how I am devoted on helping other and putting people on many platforms which are open to me. So we just vibe a lot and I believe in their talent and their hearts for the Lord. So again we just have a dope relationship.

One event, different cultures, please explain that?
Its “Different Cultures, One Mission”, everybody is welcomed to the #BAYF regardless of any background, church denominations, race regardless of which culture you come from, all together we can be united in praising the Lord and celebrating positivity. We are showing a picture of how heaven will be when we are all different but we are one in Him. Segregation is being forced to us by other people for their own reasons, yet we have one Bible. So we breaking down all those doors and we being one like how Jesus prayed in John 17.

What impact does events like this do to SACHH or Gospel industry as whole?
Huge, like not only its growing to be the biggest African Youth Fest. But it is another platform for young Gospel artists to actually showcase their gifts to the world at large. If we want this to grow, we cannot keep begging people for platforms, or complaining about lack of exposure, we have to build such platforms ourselves and support it so that we can inspire more to come up. This is bigger than me, it will outlast me, we have to do this , we are the youth, the future leaders of this world even the church, so we have to make sure that we are prepared to lead, now.

We saw that the event will also be outside the country, Where and when?
All I can say that “BORN AGAIN YOUTH FEST” will be in ZAMBIA , BOTSWANA , Johannesburg , SWAZILAND next year, and the Lord is adding more places, so if you want it at your place, hit up “ siyabonga@setfreemedia.co.za

So is the Fest only meant for Durban? Because we also wanna be a part of it here in GP
2018 its coming , I just had to start at my hometown , We will bring it year in 2018.

You been nominated at Crown Awards, for two nominations, how do you feel about that?
I thank God for being noticed by such a big platform, 1.2mil people usually tune in, and to see my name on the screens, im humbled. But the main thing is #BORNAGAINYOUTHFEST lol, see you on the red carpets of the Crowns tho…lol

And are we expecting any new projects from you? Maybe bo ma next year?
2018 will be the craziest year ever for MAWAT. Me and the team have been working on some beautiful visions that the Lord has been giving us. Im shooting a music video in USA-Washington in Dec 2017, I will be heading out 22 Dec which will be for the new project next year…Jan we dropping something special. 2018 will the biggest year not for MAWAT only but for the genre of Gospel altogether, we pushing boundaries , removing limitations, bringing the Gospel to the people’s feet. This is a platform, and more about to pop up, because God is doing a new thing. BORN AGAIN YOUTH FEST 17’ come through!!! MY album BLESSED is in CAN stores nationwide please go get it. Lets go GOLD, why not, I believe in this genre, I believe in the word for this season…Do you!!!! Love you all , please follow me on | TWITTER| FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Watch the trailer video bellow :