Since the release of Anecdotes by Achaz, we had to take a few weeks before we could write anything about it, this is because of the same reason you don’t know everything about a well-scripted movie just after the first watch.

It is the first we hear of Achaz and we would like to take this opportunity to give some insights on the rapper and his latest offering to all those that have been living under a rock (just as we have apparently). The name Achaz is an A.K.A. It wouldn’t surprise us if it was the rapper’s real name, some parents can be very creative(out of the box thinkers).

Turns out the rapper wasn’t really looking for a name until him and a brother of his was going through e-sword checking out some biblical terms. It was only when they came across the meaning of Achaz which is “one who takes possession of or one whom God possess” that he told the Lord, I quote

yes Lord hahaha that’s me

The EP doesn’t sound like your usual, have a listen if you haven’t already and you will know what we’re talking about. Achaz told us, track number two of the EP gave birth to the concept and told us the reason why he named it Anecdote on the statement below

The title Anecdotes came because I was telling a short story about my life, giving a brief sketch of my life’s journey to this point. I wanted a clear message that one would hear and I wanted to tell it using a short story

As we normally do in our interviews, we asked Achaz to leave you guys with a message that he would like you to receive from the listening experience, the below message is what he had to say

At the end of it all, after all, is said and done, Jesus Christ is life eternal and no matter how much you think you know or have, it doesn’t matter cause all things will come to an end and you if you don’t have him, all you would have acquired will be for nothing. The Bible says But the end and culmination of all things has now come near; keep sound minded and self-restrained and alert therefore for [the practice of] prayer (1 Peter 4:7) Christ is really all you need.

The EP has been doing very well and you can check it out on the links below and make sure you BUY/STREAM/DOWNLOAD or just do it all


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