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What is Happening is a page dedicated to upcoming Christian events that are just where YOU would like to be. Find yourself spending time watching your favourite Christian artists. Why FOMO when SACHH is here though?


12 April 2020, SUNDAY// Postponed due to Corona Virus concerns

316 Urban Revival @ the Roodeport Theatre from 5 pm

Be part of #316UrbanRevival and just experience the fullness of God. Admission is free

For more information contact: 084 388 6051 or 076 940 4831

18 April 2020, SATURDAY

Freedom Fest SA @ the Ticket Pro Dome starting from 1 pm.

“Hangout at the dome and worship through Music, Poetry, CHH, Fashion, Food, People & above all JESUS. Get involved 0764263508 #FreedomFestSA” – extracted from the Facebook event’s page

Book your tickets here.


06 June 2020, SATURDAY

Just Jesus – Sold Out Conference @ the Ticket Pro Dome from 3:30 pm

“The name Sold Out, comes from the very first conference we held in 2010. It was called 100% Sold Out for Jesus, as time went that name became the official name on the event. We host #SO every year during the month of June as it coincides with the fact that in South Africa, June is Youth Month. The reason we doing #SO at the Dome in 2020 is firstly because this will be our 10th year anniversary, but more than that during my first true encounter I remember having in the presence of God back in 2010. I was worshiping at a huge arena event in New York, USA called Battle Cry and that is when God dropped the vision for young people of South Africa in my heart. The reason I believe God wants us to do it at the Dome is that during prayer and preparation towards 2020 I felt Matthew 5:14 ringing in my spirit, like a “City on a Hill” then God promoted in my heart that the strategic location, capacity and iconic nature of the venue is the reason we agreed upon this location. Over the years #SO has developed a niche of using the arts to relay a message of Hope, Love, Grace and Good News which boils down to the message of Jesus Christ. We choose to deliver this message in a controversial manner as to most accurately depict the nature of our message. We use elements of Drama, Music, Lights, Smoke, Lasers and professional makeup artist to create special effects in order to deliver the message most effectively. You can expect a day of Love, Relationships, community, entertainment, music, drama, comedy, and just all round positive energy not to mention a life-changing encounter that will leave you wanting to go out and change the world for the better when you show up at Sold-Out Conference 2020.” – Excerpt from ticket pro dome website.

Tickets start from R120 up to R350 book your ticket here.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.

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