So what do you get when you put two rappers in one place during Lockdown? Music, music and some more music. King Smasher and Malko have been dropping music and music videos even before the Lockdown began, but finally, they have compiled an EP titled In the Meantime, set to drop this Friday, on the 12th of June 2020.

On a live stream discussion, Malko and King Smasher shared that it was a challenging process of merging their styles but it brought out an amazing result. Having listened to it I agree the result is amazing, the vocal quality of King Smasher and Malko seem to give each song grit and soul, which is refreshing to hear as well as unexpectedly surprising. The album has tracks – that have great baselines – produced by Tyrese T45 and Ezee Mimo. The sound of the album takes the direction of trap soul that brings each story the bars tell to life. Each track allows the beat to ease us into the mood of the scene the lyrics are about to paint for us. This gives what was meticulously arranged and written an easy feel to it. It is an album you cannot listen to and sit still, each track carries a vibe that calls you to pay attention and physically react.

I love the balance of themes in this album all led by the golden thread of Christ-centeredness. Celebrating the individuality of both artists and uniting them in a symphonic harmony that reminds us of what was said about how good it is when brethren dwell together in unity…
“In the Meantime” EP has 8 tracks, 2 of which are romantically special. The 2 tracks explore the different phases Malko and King Smasher were in when they wrote the songs. “Be like That” – which is mainly Malko on the track with King Smasher only coming on towards the end of the song – shares a Godly way of approaching a girl that is not degrading but respectful also not building too much expectation on what will be but promising to commit to the process of finding out.

Your smile is a superpower what are you doing to me, and you won’t believe me but you’re dawn to me…but not to worship you, and in this friendship, I am inviting the King with prayers so that He can lead and we can ride by His speed

Be Like That

Unlike Be like That that explores when Malko was at the beginning of a possible relationship, “No More” – which is mainly King Smasher on the track with the addition of Malko on the last verse – shares the acceptance that your ex has moved on and that you should too, the post-breakup song expands on the mixed feelings that come with closing a chapter that you thought would last forever. King Smasher’s vocals are soulfully smooth on the hook carrying the mellowness of the song.

All About You – King Smasher x Malko, is the first track of In the Meantime EP.

The album brings life to parables through music, especially in tracks 1,4 and 5. These tracks take us through a musical Bible study from Malko’s line in Home, “I am the prodigal son, it’s no parable now, it’s my life on the line” – applies to most who feel like they have lost their way which seems to connect to All about you when King Smasher sings “I tried my own way, I know it didn’t work out, I tried to please the world but you can’t please everyone, so it’s All About You.” The songs resonate with the backslider, lukewarm believer and the one who has forgotten their first love. How it empathises is not condescending but a call to the listener to the way back home. The bars are both emotive and impactful in their story tell and the decision to merge vocals on the hooks amplifies the message of the songs, that will have you on your knees in worship or up in praise. Don’t Lean (Track 5) is my utmost favourite song of the album, it is the perfect balance of content and production and a dance move should be created for this one for sure.

I am out of my mind, I ain’t tryna find it, I am better without it, it’s a different kind of mindset,(He said) don’t lean on your own (understanding), don’t lean on your own (understanding)

Don’t Lean

Track 7, I suspect will be a fan favourite, it speaks to all types of struggles but also seems to be the hopeful reaction to the girls rapped about in the EP’s second track “Misunderstood.” I will leave Track 7 for you to discover and share thoughts on; once you get to bump to the album tomorrow.

I would have concluded there but I just have to share about the last track “Mood,” the song starts with Malko’s testimony of how it was, at the beginning of Gruth and his Christian Hip hop journey, using transparency as a superpower, then King Smasher seals the future of the hit by this line “to all my brothers in the game here’s a thumbs up, we’ve been pushing through the lightning and the thunder, we pusha phanda through the jungle we never crumble, now the Sun’s up.” This song speaks to the CHH nation on a whole different level, relating to the struggle of this Godly hustle, to be a witness through rap and the celebration of the fruits of faithfulness. KUBOO!!! This will be an anthem.

Telling by the reception on the Live Stream discussion held by King Smasher and Malko last Saturday, I am not alone when I say that this EP is a must-have, no doubt. You will be playing it everywhere and unlike gum, it will not lose its flavour. So don’t forget it will be available on all online music stores and streaming platforms this Friday (it’s a vibe). Follow Malko and King Smasher on their social media platforms, and stay tuned to us as we bring you all things SACHH.

SACCH raises the flag and raises the bars.