“Higher Tour live is designed to inspire and impact the youth of South Africa with the intention of raising up a generation of culture-shifting disciples. The vision of the Higher Tour is to equip, encourage, and strengthen the local church in raising a generation of culture-shifting disciples.

Higher combines innovative schools with large-scale gospel proclamation events and evangelism and discipleship training, partnering with churches, schools, and ministries in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Cape Town,” excerpt from Higher Tour SA Facebook page. But even with 20Covid, they haven’t dumbed down on witnessing the Gospel in the unique way they usually do as they have taken the Higher Tour online. We discuss with Gilead from KineticIV what is Higher Tour Live all about.

Higher Live Episode 3

What is the purpose of the tour? 

Gilead: We hope to reach young people with the gospel in a way that we believe is relevant and in a language that young people understand.

How long has it been running?

Gilead: Higher Tour has been running first in the UK since 2016 and we started this in SA Last Year 2019 when we had our first Higher Tour in Parkwood!

How can one feature on the tour? 

Gilead: We have a group called the Higher collective, a bunch of young people that love music and uses music to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people in our communities, and from this, we use the ones that are available to assist through the week of the Higher Tour. Christian artists can get in touch with us at The Message Trust to become a part of the Higher Collective.

Who can feature on the tour?

Gilead: Christian Artists that are a part of the Higher collective and who are passionate about reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, who have a heart for Mission. We are very intentional that the higher artists are there for the purpose to inspire young people and not build their own kingdom. All Collective artists spend time serving and getting to know what we stand for first.

When can we see it on our screens?

Gilead: We have released some content every Wednesday at 7:15 pm from the 2nd of September 2020 and will still be releasing for the next 3 weeks. All the content will be available on our YouTube, Facebook & Instagram accounts(@Highertoursa for FB/Insta and Higher Tour SA for Youtube).

They have already aired videos that feature some of your favorite SA CHH artists and have reached many for God’s Kingdom. Be sure to check them out every Wednesday and be inspired to minister to your Jerusalem.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.