Anrich Winnaar is a SA Christian Hip Hop Artist, vocalist and radio personality with a mandate to spread the Gospel through music, Hip Hop in particular. He has recently dropped his first single, ‘Last Chance.’ Based in the historic Sophiatown Area in Jo’burg, Winnaar has established himself in the Hip Hop scene with a firm focus on evangelism. He explains, “I’ve chosen this genre because I believe it can have a huge impact on our youth…” adding that, “being able to do gospel music is a huge blessing on its own.” Winnaar says that his musical influences are Sevin, Datin, Shane Eagle and South Africa’s very own, YoungstaCPT. Evidently, Winaar is a true lyricist, his musical influences all have one thing in common, absolutely phenomenal lyrical abilities combined with hectic flows. His musical style dips into gangster rap, which focuses on lyrical excellence and gritty street content. He comments, “I am a very versatile artist but my style is definitely underground rap.”

Anrich Winnaar - Last Chance (OFFICIAL MP3 AUDIO) South African Christian Hip Hop
Last Chance – Anrich Winnar

The South African Hip Hop artists that feature on Winnaar’s playlist are JD Crosson, Jhey Dot, Adriaan Jacobs, Ricwa, Keagan, MAWAT and Novl. His top 3 Christian artists that he would like to collaborate with are Novl, JD Crosson and MAWAT. When asked which local Christian Hip Hop artists that South Africa should be on the lookout for, he responded, “Definitely Adriaan Jacobs. I know his a close friend of mine but the way he has grown in his rapping and songwriting ability is absolutely amazing so you guys should definitely be on the lookout for him.”

Delving into history SACHH asked Winaar who he believes was the pioneer who made SA Christian Hip Hop what it is today, he replied for him, Harold Moyo is a Christian Hip Hop stalwart who has uplifted our local Christian Hip Hop artists. Winnaar has performed at various events including the Nasrec Youth Expo, King’s of the South Tour and in the Claremont Youth Outreach. He says that one of his best performances was at Grace House Family Church, he remembers that after his performance his voice was gone. The 3 things Winaar looks for in a performance is most importantly the presence of the Holy Spirit, having fun “because serving Jesus is fun” and good lighting. Outside of Hip Hop Winaar spends time on worship music. He is also a radio presenter and plans to do big things in the TV space. The biggest stage that he dreams of performing on is the American GMA Dove Awards and the South African Crown Gospel Awards. SACHH got Winnaar’s take on the age-old Hip Hop debate, What makes a CHH song a hit, is it the content or the beat? “I’d definitely have to say the content like what message are you bringing across, is it relatable and is it glorifying God? So it’s definitely the content you bringing to the table,” responded Winnaar.

I’ve chosen this genre because I believe it can have a huge impact on our youth…

Anrich Winnaar

Follow Anrich on social media @Anrich_Winnaar to catch up with the artist’s latest moves but right now Winaar shared that he is working on his first EP which is going to include some surprise features. Winnaar provided some words of encouragement to South African Hip Hop artists; “There’s a quote that says God gives the hardest battles to his toughest warriors. As Christian Hip Hop artists sometimes we get frowned upon by churches because they don’t understand the context of what we doing. So we should keep on pushing and staying on our knees praying that God will carry us and make this genre the biggest genre in this country and across the world.”

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.