In Sync Interview with Beam Boy

Join us this week as we find out more about one of your favorite SACHH artists. This week we get in sync with an artist who may be new to you but not to the block; Beam Boy sheds a light on who he is and what inspires his music ministry.

Koketso Morake has been known by many names but the SA CHH nation knows him as Beam Boy. Based in Rustenburg the artist shares how his life is founded on the love and truth of who Jesus is, he doesn’t shy away from topics of mental wellness and the peace God brings. The artistry and flexibility of his flow make one wonder about the expanse of his potential as each of his projects take on a different persona but all with the same message God is the peace you need. His discography includes one EP(Lover Byes,2021) and two singles (I Rose, 2021 and WEEESt, 2021) under the stage name Beam Boy, but let that no fool you the kid has been on the block for a while having released his first album “Let there be light” in 2018 under the stage name K More and a few other projects under his birth name late last year and earlier this year. He feels there is no need to reclaim the different projects as they all represent a different aspect of him and Beam Boy is reflective of his understanding of his call and his maturity as an artist and believer.

Koketso accounts that he was only made aware of the SA CHH nation through MelisaGotGrace before her reaching out to him earlier this year he thought he and his clique were the only cats representing CHH in South Africa. He has since come to collaborate with a few artists, one single that is set to drop later this month, Be My Best friend, has Lilly Maya featuring him and if the performance at JusThabo’s EP launch is anything to go by the single is certified fire. He also was chosen as one of the finalists for Wande’s Blessed up challenge earlier this year putting SA CHH on the international map. The young artist sought solace in music and God and wishes to share that with all, as much as his music is his story it is the listener’s too, the uniqueness of his flow makes it easy for him to jump on any type of beat.

Beam Boy - I'm Up (Official Music Video)
I’m Up – Beam Boy (tka Koketso Morake)

He will be performing at October Groves on the 16th of October 2021 in Mafika, for more details connect with him on Instagram Listen to the audio interview for more on who and why is Beam Boy as Mpho gets in sync with the face behind the music.

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