Its Wednesday and you know what it is!!! In Sync Wednesday when we get up close and musical with SA CHH artist and this week we get to know more about Jamaine Adonis aka JimoWorld.

The CHH artist hails from Rooderport in Gauteng and has been rapping for Christ for three years and has been a music producer since last year..” So I just started getting my own laptop, making my own beats and I just started thriving on them and things started working out for me and I knew that it was God who actually wanted me to do this… There was a time where I was, I was really depressed in my life, I was really anxious as well, but God actually told me that He gave me this gift and wants me to use this gift glorify Him,” explained Jimo. His music is influences include a US underground Christian rapper Eshon Burgundy. At first, he didn’t think it was proper for a Christian to listen to hip hop until God revealed to him how he can use the style and culture to glorify Him. He describes his Musical style as vibey with conscious lyrics.

Samson – JimoWorld

JimoWorld of Jesus is Lord entertainment spends most of his free time producing and one artist and close friend that Jamaine not only listens to but suggested we look out for is T Junction, “T Junction is such an intelligent and talented artist, he’s a lyrical artist the way it actually glorifies God… the way Junction comes up with the melodies… ’cause his melodies are so catchy and how he actually speaks about the experiences our God actually brought him out of; situations where he could have actually died also,” remarked Jimo. He also listens to Keagan Holland and is currently cooking something with him and other international cats (shhh its a secret) that is promised to be fire. The CHH artist has released projects including Bad Talk (Single,2019), PS.23 (Album,2020), Samson (Single,2020), Ghosted (Single,2020), Tell Me Why (Single,2020), Meditate (Single,2020), and War (Mixtape,2020)

There was a time where I was, I was really depressed in my life, I was really anxious as well, but God actually told me that He gave me this gift and wants me to use this gift glorify Him


The young rapper and producer is already collaborations with international CHH artists and doesn’t take his gift lightly. His lyrics are loaded with weapons that start a war whenever you press play. JimoWorld who has well set and shot music videos hasn’t been in live stage scene but on the 27th of November 2020, he will be sharing a stage with other artists including your boi Keagan Holland at the Kingdom Destiny Church in Roodepoort. His music video Samson sets the bar and Jimo commented that what makes a hit is both the content and the beat, “your beat can be fire, no doubt, but if you don’t have the proper melody if you don’t have the proper flow to it, cause the flow in the melody, is what catches people to listen to your lyrics, make people want to go back to it and listen and be like what did he say here? No, what did he say here? that is what makes it a hit.”

New Generation – JimoWorld

Apart from CHH Jamaine spends his time indoors chilling and reading, and if he eats out it usually has something with steak. Be on the lookout for this one SACHH nation and if you can make it to Roodepoort next week please go check them out it feels like its gonna be lit. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to his Youtube channel to catch up with his musical journey. “I want to actually encourage them and tell them that God has given them the gifts that they have and they should not do things. They should not do things to please men, you know because once you start doing things to please Man you’re going to lose encouragement, you’re going to lose passion for what you’re doing. I wanna tell them that they should use that music to glorify God. And in that way, they’re going to be exalted. He’s going to exalt them as an artist. God is going to exalt them, in terms of their lyrics, in terms of how he uses them in terms of people they’re going to meet in terms of everything that contributes to you as an artist, you know, and, uh, I want to encourage them that they should never stop. You know God has given us this gift. We should actually use it. Not be in the closet and catching dust,” encouraged Jamaine.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.