Its Wednesday; so you know what that means, yep its In Sync Wednesday; the day we share the exclusive interviews with one of your favorite SA CHH artists, get to know why they do what they do and a little bit about who they are. This week we zone into the life of JusThabo.

Kwathema based CHH artist Thabo Moeng aka JusThabo is a walking anomaly; a high school maths and physics teacher by day and SACHH rapper after hours, but perhaps that is the mix the youth need to receive the Truth that sets them free. He is from the kasi and his musical style emulates the same; a fusion of Kasi rap but with an international standard of production and delivery, “kasi rap is usually rap that speaks to the kasi and about the kasi and although it is mostly about the depressing side I rap about the good things and want to bring hope to the kasi through my raps,” added JusThabo, “it also infuses the sounds of jazz, hip hop, kasi lingo, live instrumentals, and gospel.” His musical influences mainly come from the Gospel and Hip Hop genres including Bizzle, Touchline, Lebo Sekgobela, Hle, and Jonathan McReynolds.

… kasi rap is usually rap that speaks to the kasi and about the kasi and although it is mostly about the depressing side I rap about the good things and want to bring hope to the kasi through my raps…


He has since released the singles G.I.R.L.Y featuring Dexter, This is for Me and Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father didn’t just get its music video played on Channel O but also got Thabo recognized by his students who before that didn’t know that he could rap. He furthermore commented that the beat and production of a song must be nice for it to become a hit, and sometimes the problem is as CHH artist we want just to be right, biblically right without ensured that the song sounds good because its more than it sounding ‘right’ it’s also about how well the song is produced, however content is also important, of course, it has to be right but also the way it is shared must use the “tools” of rapping, the flow, the rhymes and the punch lines that is what makes a CHH song a hit.

Heavenly Father – JusThabo

“I chose this genre because I wanted to share about how God can bring you out of hard situations, just like He did for me,” expressed Thabo, “although sometimes one doesn’t want to admit that they are gospel rapper… because I feel SACHH is still a baby trying to find our feet, or taking what we know is different about us and packaging it into what sets us apart…. we can’t beat people on their scale… SACHH needs to have their own scale, not that we should be totally different but we need to be distinctive… we shouldn’t be waiting to see what other artists are doing then go do the same, only when we can do something groundbreaking will SACHH get proper exposure” he added.

Blaque Nubon, Mcola DaFuture are amongst the people Thabo is currently listening to “I also listen to any new projects from the SA CHH guys like Lux Kent’s album Langa and Incense project Skhaftin,” he added, he mentioned that he would love to work with Blaque Nubon, Mcola DaFuture, and Prince Sguri. JusThabo as recently announced to be one of the people said to perform at Mcola DaFuture’s event CHH Aflame online concert (for more details check out the article up on our homepage) on the 3rd of October 2020. “The band- the sound must be proper, the crowd engagement – are they responding to the music and the message, and having a good time -being able to be me on stage,” explained JusThabo on what makes a good live performance, and one such performance that still is a highlight for the artist is when one Easter weekend he got to perform along with Neo Rable at his church’s Easter concert and from the time the beat came in everyone from the youngsters to the grannies started dancing and vibe to it, “and we went the next day to Neo’s church and the same thing happened; as soon as the beat dropped the people got into it” shared JusThabo. He is working on a huge project that will feature visuals; the project is set to drop early next year, “but I will have a Christmas surprise for all my followers to get in mood for the main project, it will b a collection of released and unreleased songs on an EP so yah people should expect raps, me singing, emotional songs; a birth a new way of doing raps,” elaborated JusThabo.

… to fill up the stadium la eKasi (here in the township) for God would be dope,


“It is important both for the SA CHH body as well as the individual to be diverse, individually you need to be able to be diverse in the way you deliver, yes you should keep true to what makes you but you need to be challenging yourself to do other styles, and as a whole, it is important coz then people have a choice as to what they vibe or relate to, like Last Days Fam speaks to people who like that sound, then there is trap or even people who rap in other languages so it is important so that we have something for everyone.” Thabo shared some of the challenges that he faces as an SA CHH artist are “personally might be, doubt, am I just using the Lord’s name just for attention or am I doing this because I want it? And is it as hot as I think it is and will people like what I come up with? And I think what every SA CHH artist is challenged by is that at events we are seen as an advert, we are given around 2-3 minutes whereas we prepared a whole set. It’s like they don’t take us seriously, and perhaps it’s because we haven’t convinced them so maybe when they see the work we put in they will begin to take us seriously”

JusThabo is also involved in the leadership of the youth ministry at his church, and although he aspires to perform at Back to the City and even the Cotton Fest he would truly love to perform at the local stadium “to fill up the stadium la eKasi (here in the township) for God would be dope,” exclaimed JusThabo. To all SA CHH artists, Thabo encourages that “what we have; the message we carry, the potential yakhona(of it) is big it’s gonna need us to look unto God and not look at what other people are doing at what they have and that we don’t have because if we continue to look at that we will be easily discouraged but if we look unto God and the one who gave us this message, we will be able to carry out that message to the point where we pass it on to other people to continue, to all the Christian rappers let us stop wanting to be like everybody else but let us continue to want to be like God and do what God wants us to do.”

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