Every week we get to know more about the artists who go hard in the SA CHH game and what inspires them to do so and this week is no different. With August being national women’s month we decided to dedicate this month to the queens of South African Christian Hip Hop beginning with Lindie Dlodlo known to SACHH nation as Phlo-Girl.

Zimbabwean born Lindie is currently based in South Africa where she has a full-time job working in education, occasionally does voice-overs for advertising companies, and is also trying to build other businesses as well. “One cannot be stagnant right? We must plow while we are young so we reap when we are old.” Yet in all that she still managed to release music projects such as Life of Praise (Album – 2017), Stay Shining (Single – 2018), This is War (Album – 2018) and Run (Single – 2020) to name a few; all of which are available on all digital music stores.

Run (Survival Plan) – Phlo-Girl

Phlo-Girl shared that her musical influences are difficult to distinguish as she loves all sorts of music; “my playlists include gospel and mainstream hip hop (mainly 90s), R&B, pop, classic, jazz, rock…” she elaborated. “I am a storyteller; I enjoy painting pictures using my words. I also believe that I am a prophetic rapper as I tend to address certain issues and declare over my listeners,” stated Phlo-Girl on the subject of her musical style, she added that she doesn’t know of a better life to live than to fuse her two loves(the Lord and Hip Hop) and that is why she chose to be a SACHH artist.  

This love like any other has its challenges; “I think the challenges I face apply to the guys as well, we are building from scratch at this point. So open doors are few and so we have to become creative in finding ways to get our music and message out there. Therefore, because we are building an industry that is in its infancy stage, we as CHH artists have to strive to release quality music and content to keep our intended audience interested and listening. I pray that more Christians working for and at local and international radio stations, TV shows and stations, online and print media, etc. would take it upon themselves to open doors for gospel music to be played/used as their contribution to the kingdom. Serving Christ goes far beyond the borders of the church… we need your help to reach the masses that do not go to our churches,” noted Phlo-Girl.

What’s it Gonna Be – Phlo-Girl

She has graced many stages and shared mics with many of your favourite SA CHH artists, one performance she highlights as her best performance is one she hosted in September of 2018. She would love to work with Ntokozo Mambo, Dr. Tumi, and Khaya Mthethwa in the future. Phlo-Girl defines her music as prophetic and one of the movements that she is a part of is Prophetic Generation 13 which speaks to the prophetic move of God in this generation. Which is probably why she refers to SA CHH as a seed. “It has great potential to grow and become the type of tree that will nourish the souls of generations to come. We just need to play our part in nurturing it to see to it that it reaches its full potential.”  

The South African based femcee and record label CEO is in the kitchen working on her  5th project, she says we should expect more singles to be dropped this year ( be sure to check out her latest single; Run). She suggested we be on the lookout for Blaque Nubon, B-Kindle (he is a spoken word artist/rapper), Jhey-Dot, and Keagan Holland, “these are artists I have seen making waves in the industry as of late,” Phlo-Girl added.  Phlo-Girl was recently featured on the Bay TV show Street Ministry and this is just the beginning, we will surely see her realise her dream to perform at the Passion Conference in the U.S. one day, and headline her own show at the Dome here in Johannesburg if her commitment is an indicator of things to come. Her craft is rooted in Christ; she shared that for a good live performance she looks for quality of sound and an intimate venue. “I believe in being part of the audience and taking them through a journey together with myself and my team. Your listeners should leave the show singing / humming your music.” Looking at her musical journey we can see that being female is not a handicap unless you choose to make it one, as she has been working hard and going toe to toe with this niche industry of ours.

…content is key. Sound biblical truth cannot be watered down or tainted. An artists’ delivery of lyrics and tone of voice matters! Quality mixing and mastering is key, and lastly, I truly believe the spirit behind every song and artist is equally important. Many main stream artists have done gospel songs but it’s not quite the same and I believe the difference is the spirit behind the artist and song.


SACHH is proud of our talented sisters in Christ, we hope that this month will not just be a celebration of female artists but an awareness that they are here and making major moves. Let us support our first ladies of SA CHH, Phlo-Girl we see you and we hope there will be many more to inspire the young girls out there to take up their place in SA CHH nations as daughters of the Most High King. Phlo-Girl left us with these parting words of encouragement, Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.