It’s Wednesday and you know what time it is; In SYNC Wednesdays that brings you the lowdown on your favourite SACHH artists. This week we zone into the musical journey and life of Spaz.

The very nature of CHH is life-changing music, whether it’s an upbeat or slow the message must be there


Durban based CHH artist Sebastian Bussack has been at it for 20 years now. In a recent post he shared a song and message about his intentions of leaving CHH for good, HOLD THE PHONE before you go sharing messages of him leaving, Spaz shared with us that “to be truly honest I was really going through my things and kind of losing my way but by the grace of God he has kept me and perhaps this is not the end,” he affectionately expressed to us and in a post yesterday that God isn’t done with him yet. Phew, good news right.  “When I was growing up the only rap I knew was Tupac and Eminem type rap, that is what inspired me to rap because I could kind of relate to it so I started writing and then I was invited to a gospel concert once and for the first time I saw rap being performed in a church, this was a group called Remixd and another group called Salt that’s when I knew there was such a thing however I have always kept my raps clean and was never a CHH artist until I really got saved and was given a Christian rap mp3 by my cousin filled with CHH from all over the world when I heard all the music I was inspired and started doing CHH ever since”, explained  Spaz. He describes his musical style to be conscious rap but he has lived in one box, his discography includes Sell out (Single, 2016), Off Da Record (Album.2017), She Slays It (Single,2019), Yet Still I Rise (Single, 2019), My Fault (Single, 2019), Pianos and Pain (double play EP, 2019), Shout it Out ft Pinky Banks (Single, 2020), My Head (Single, 2020), Sorry (Single, 2020) and today we are premiering his single My Heart featuring Nola. Yes, you heard right listen to his latest single now as you continue reading.

My heart – Spaz ft Nola

“For me, a song doesn’t have the content it’s not a CHH song, the very nature of CHH is life-changing music, whether it’s an upbeat or slow the message must be there; for a CHH song to be a hit it must be a strong catchy hook that has a good message laid down on a really fire beat, yeah those two go to together like bread and butter,” commented Spaz. He has had the privilege of sharing his musical ministry on many stages, sharing it with Church Boyy Bizness, Sho Baraka and many more, “live performances are unique, it’s not a studio so when you get up there you got to put on a show and be prepared, you’ve got to have crowd interaction, great delivery, and amazing showmanship,” shared Spaz, he furthermore noted that three of the performances that stands out for him was the show in Kokstaad, the show in Richards Bay and the opening for Sho Barak when he was in SA. He would like to collaborate with Church Boyy Bizness, Lux Kent, and Black Nubon. Spaz suggests that we be on the lookout for Brandon Gospel, “the man has been on the grind.. I see you brother,” he added.

“I eat, sleep and it’s back to Christian rap, just joking, I have to work also I have just started a business so working on that but for the most part I am just writing,” shared Spaz, “The struggle I have is I really want to reach a wider audience and win as many souls as possible but unfortunately the name of Jesus is banned on a lot of other platforms but I have come to terms with the fact that there always will be challenges I just got stand on the word of God.” He discussed that he doesn’t think SA CHH is getting enough exposure, “I admire platforms like SACHH that really put CHH on the map; I think it’s important we build our own platforms, and work together until we can’t be ignored,” he elaborated.

Love Me Long Me Time – Spaz

Spaz’s musical journey has been although ups and downs, but we can see even from his testimony that God isn’t done with him yet. He plans to focus his on other Christian artists and building a platform and help grow the CHH culture, “Diversity means growth, if there is no diversity the box will stay small,” added Spaz. He encourages fellow SA CHH artists to “stand bold for your faith, be reckless in your love for Christ, and put Jesus in everything you do.”

Follow him on Instagram @Spazmusik and on Facebook @Spaz for the latest happening in his musical ministry, look out for the mixtape set to give this December titled GND (God’s Not Done).

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