Hip-Hop and Christianity

A lot of topics were covered during the show, from the topics such as; the origin of Hip-hop, the image, audience, lifestyle, and awards.

The reading of the mentioned topics can almost make one think Cassper Nyovest, AKA and Anatii were part of the discussion. One Would be wrong, it was actually our very own South African Christian Rappers on the show.

All were in agreement that hip-hop was birth in America and that is how most young people expressed themselves, just like Kwaito in South Africa.

The rappers were swag dripping on the show, which lead to the “image” question that was answered by Mawat saying “the image is to catch the eye and the sound is to catch the ears, it is important for connection” and that they are preaching the Good News with the craft that is mostly used to spread negativity.

The rappers were asked if they feel the awards are giving their work enough platform, that was answered by one of the members at Church boyy Bizness saying ” we are still a growing culture, one cannot give a baby a car and say drive”

Mawat also gave his take saying”The awards replicate what they see, the more SACHH grows and people start supporting, it is the then that the awards are gonna recognize the work and start appreciating the genre more.

Joe Moth also touched the issue Bringing positivity using Hip Hop. He also agreed that hip hop is from the state, America. He then spoke in relevance to the Image topic and was asked about how an image can be relevant to the audience? He answered by saying, “Psalms says sings and rejoice, it doesn’t say how one should sing and rejoice. Christ created us to be creative”.

Holy Hip Hop Man also agreed by the fact that Image is very important in hip hop. The issue then arose, “hip hop is mostly judged at churches, and church people feel like they are not the hip hop audience”.

Mawat, “Our objective is preaching the message”.

Holy Hip Hop Man, “Music must be looked at in a manner relevant to everyone”.

Talking the performances, on where do Christian rappers should perform, Church Boyy Bizness then replied, “The message counts, it doesn’t matter where God places it, sometimes he places u in a secular section”.
A lot was discussed of which, it will take the whole day if we were to go into detail.