Last year MCola DaFuture brought the first CHH Aflame concert live from the SABC Studies and this year he brings the next installment on 3rd October live on Facebook (Private streaming) at 18h30. This year it has shown to include MCola Dafuture, Prince Sguri, and JusThabo. We caught up with MCola to find out about the heart and preparations for the project thus far.

I believe so much better can be done(for SA CHH to get enough exposure), both by the musicians and the church universally (since we all have a responsibility in the great commission.)

MCola DaFuture

What is the purpose of the show?

MCola: The purpose of CHH Aflame is to reach people with the Gospel through music, to provide a platform for CHH musicians to showcase their music and inspire people to use their diverse gifts to serve Christ with passion (Heb 10:24).

How can one feature on the show?

MCola: Anyone can be part of the show, we just have to notice them and there should be a relation in vision and pursuit.

Where can people watch the show?

MCola: People can watch our online concert this year by buying tickets in any of the ways showing on the posters and contacting us on our social media platforms. We hope, that beyond the concert we can be able to use the footage and reach more people.

How has it been producing this show? Highs and lows?

MCola: It has been great, we derive pleasure from serving Jesus and His kingdom.

How can people connect with you?

MCola: MCola_DaFuture on all social media platforms

Tickets starting from R100 so go ahead and buy yours now to book your space. Please register to attend here and buy your ticket(s) at any Pick ‘n Pay store nationwide or use these links, Eventbrite, Quicket, or Webtickets.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.