MDee has announced the release date of the album “Heart Of Worship” which is the 25th of December 2018.

What inspired the album is the death of my mom, I never planned calling it Heart of Worship, I always wanted to call the project Transparent ones.

We all experience loss at some point in our lives, and the way each of us deals with it is different. MDee chose to dedicate this album to the memory of his late mother Linah Thelma Queen Ndhlovu, a woman that was fully committed to Christ and also passed on the passion to her son Delphin Madondo (MDee).

What also caught our eye at Sachh was the Artistry that is on the cover. The cover is well designed and has a very deep meaning which MDee explains in the following statement

The little girl on the cover represents a Heart,  taken from the book of Matthew 5:8-9 (happy are the pure in heart they will see God! Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children.) In this context a child has a peaceful heart more than an adult, that Love’s even if there’s no reason to love.

The girl happens to be the rappers niece, talk about putting the fam on. The album is produced by BMA and features Elo Hope, Christina, Hlamelang from Salt n Light, Terry J from Christ Before Me and Thando The Poet. More features are to be announced as soon as they are confirmed, which is one of the reasons why we cannot share the track-list just yet.

Check the cover below and make sure you follow Mdee on the socials and help promote his project.