From attending workshops on teaching and understanding kids to hosting listening sessions of the most anticipated EP titled Sully.

We present to you Gruth, the most humble rapper we have come across. I mean the guy installed an app so that he can be able to give us time from his busy schedule to chat.

If you were wondering or even went as far as google’ing (as some of us have done) the meaning of Gruth, wonder and google no more. The name Gruth is made up of two words, Grace and Truth, which the artist adopted from a workshop he went to a few years back.

He went into detail saying

There was a formula they taught us to use when dealing with kids which is, showing grace before bringing the truth and they called it GRUTH”. Fast forward two years later, I took my music seriously and I needed a rap name, that is when I thought of the name Gruth.

The rapper worked on a project #Sully that is to be released soon. We have learned that the project is inspired by Romans 3, which states that none is holy/righteous, no not even one. Gruth wants the project to be a reminder of our imperfections, not to bring us down but to humbly help us realize how much we need God in our lives.

The project highlights our imperfections and how we need God, in form of parables (It’s not all stories though) – Gruth

On this project he also addresses the fact that sometimes/most of the time we like to look at the outside, forgetting that the transformation comes from the inside out. He has a single track titled “Transformed” that goes into more detail. Get it here

The project features a young talented lady called Amy Jane on one of the songs. Since Gruth was part of a group project release (Look at God), he felt like people need to hear more of his life story and views hence there is only just one feature.

Gruth ended with the statement that he would love everyone to get from listening to this project

Show love, what you are getting from God is what you should be giving to other people. The same grace you get from God, show it to other people as well. Do not act as if you are holy and higher than others, you are not (Romans 3). We are holy because of Jesus’ righteousness not of our own, so let’s love one another in the same love that God has shown us in the form of Jesus.

Share the #SullyEP and let the people know that it is coming.