South African Christian Hip Hop artist MelisaGotGrace recently released the trailer of Sisters of CHH; a documentary produced by a company she co-owns with her husband. We got to chat and ask a few questions about the project and the creative process of making it a reality.

What is the purpose of the documentary?

The mainstream hip hop industry does not have many options when it
comes to Godly female role models, so the purpose of Sisters of
CHH is to inspire by sharing the story of the unconventional kind of
virtuous woman.
A woman who rises up and glorifies God through a musical art form
that is known for being male-dominated. A woman who gives a voice
to a population that is often silenced or ignored. A woman after God’s

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Who features on the documentary?

Sisters of CHH features an array of Female Christian rappers from around the globe such as Jessica Mechel, Virtuous, Aurrie Jannelle, Phlo Girl, Lily White, Miss Walters, Psalms 23, Luki 247, Bebe Riz, Zinzi Kahnish, and Melisa Got Grace.

Where can people watch it?

During the month of October, the documentary will be available online for self-distribution on sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. As well as on Christian streaming sites which will be shared later once contracts have been finalised. However one of the goals is to get Sisters of CHH into film Festivals because of the significant role they play as an alternative distribution channel for independent films/documentaries, and ultimately to
Christian broadcasters globally.

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How has it been producing this documentary?  Highs and lows?

Film making for me is fun so that’s definitely high, however, in documentary filmmaking, you must brave the unknown, and capture a story that unfolds in its own unpredictable way and deal with multiple stumbling blocks along the way. None the less when you sign up to be a producer you quickly learn that controlling chaos is part of the job, and as stressful as it may be in the moment, in hindsight, I’ve had a blast putting out all sorts of fires and I’m super excited to share the final product in due course.

Do you think SA Christian Hip Hop gets enough exposure?  Explain?

I think CHH as a whole does not get the exposure it deserves. Christian hip-hop is clearly going from strength to strength, yet there is a continuing enigma surrounding Christian rap music from the majority of Christian radio stations and broadcasters around the world that rarely play it. If Christian media cares about saving young souls and staying relevant to the youth, it needs to come to the table on this one. If it doesn’t, not only will young Christians challenge faith-based media by not supporting it, but eventually they will create out their own platforms and that market will be lost forever.

How can people connect with you?  

They can follow Seek First Films on Facebook or Instagram @seekfirstfilms. If they would like to be a part of the movement they can get in touch with us on

The documentary by the looks of the trailers promises a revival from sisters in Christian Hip Hop, follow and like, and keep check your notification fro this project is going to transform the way we see Sisters in CHH. And there is more to come from Seek First Films don’t say we didn’t tell you.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.