Jonta The Flame has dropped a hard-hitting single ‘Nowadays’. The song takes a serious assessment of social injustice in Port Elizabeth. Jonta tells chilling street tales about the reality of life in South Africa, the growing ineffectiveness of our justice system, and the violence that has become ingrained in our society.

Timeline of Terror. Justice system error. When will it change? Been like this forever. Kyk na die programmes op die tv. Hulle wys vir alles behalwe PE.

Nowadays – Jonta The Flame

The song chorus nicely sums up the state of reality for a lot of people. It prompted a serious reflection of the successes and failures of South Africa nearly three decades after the fall of Apartheid.

Jonta also attempts to place a spotlight on how Covid19 has aggregated the deploring conditions especially in our townships in describing business closures and financial hardships, “Everybody is broke nowadays.’ Jonta’s lyrics combined with his storytelling really create a South African experience. The images of girls going missing and shootouts at the local surgery create strong images of a moral crisis in communities.

Nowadays – Jonta The Flame

His flow drifts skillfully between English and Afrikaans, dropping some strong bars over a traditional gangster track. His strong accent provides a wonderful overtone to the track. His style is very similar to the Cape Town-based YoungstaCPT, with bold, strong lyrics and powerful imagery. Listening to the song, there is a sense of ‘realness’, unfiltered and brutally honest. Jonta concludes by dropping the message of Jesus on the unemployment, crime, service delivery protests, and poverty in communities. The song calls for change, both social and economic while reminding us not to put blind confidence in political systems but rather, that our only real confidence lies in Christ.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.