This week I review Jorimm’s new mixtape, Reset. Comprising of five tracks, Reset is basically a reaction to the disruption of the past year. Jorimm, like many of us, had to change his plans and re-strategize after the outbreak of covid-19, which launched our country into a series of lockdowns. Reset is a product of our new covid-culture which has changed how we do things and forced us to reorganize our plans and priorities.

Being a mixtape, Reset does not have a unifying theme that holds all the songs featured on the project to a particular concept. Instead, it gives the artist the ability to deal with totally different topics in each song creating a diversity of thought. Listening to the mixtape is like listening to freestyle, it flows without a rigid structure that restricts the content of the project to one theme.

Grinder’s Anthem

My Whole Life

Another (interlude)

Twenty 9.11

Level Up


The first track is ‘Grinders Anthem’. The song is about the day-to-day hustle to survive and the struggle to achieve dreams in life. Unlike most (mainstream) rap songs that celebrate an unrealistic lifestyle of indulgent luxury, Grinder’s Anthem celebrates a culture of hard work, living for a vision, and working towards a purpose. The song is real to life in the streets and townships.

In ‘My Whole Life’ I really like the trap vibes. The trap beat is nicely complemented by an electronic guitar, it’s a really good combination. The song is about the entirety of God in our lives. Jesus cannot be restricted to a separate section in our lives, when God shows up he takes over.

Level Up is a track that has the scent of a gangster rap style. The song has dope bars and an equally dope flow.

Reflecting on the project as a whole, Reset is an authentic piece of classic Christian Hip Hop. Combining elements of old-school Hip Hop with elements of trap. Jorimm’s Reset is worth taking the time to listen to. Find it on Audiomack and Soundcloud.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.