A.B.O has dropped a brand new music video for his song ‘Farewell’ which is featured on his latest album To Soulful Healing. Farewell is a song about the process of dealing with death and the emotional baggage that is attached to processing the experience.

A.B.O approaches the topic from a traumatic perspective, examining death and grief as a result of murder, rape, police brutality, and other social issues. The music video begins with the voiceovers of journalists reporting on tragedies in which people have lost their lives. The emphasis is placed on the pain that the world is experiencing, focusing on the point that humanity is hurting. The social, political, and economic conflict that exists in society creates a culture of indifference, which actually cheapens human life. A.B.O’s message is really that life is valuable and that people do really feel the pain of death. In that sense, the song is really more about us, people who are dealing with the trauma of violently losing a loved one. Listening to the song is also brings to mind the thousands of people who have died in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The flashes of footage portraying people mourning is a reminder that behind the death toll statistics are real people who lived, who loved, who felt joy, and felt pain. A.B.O in a sense uses Farewell to breathe emotion into the news headlines that you see every day. The rapper also tries to encapsulate what it is like to deal with personally losing someone you love, asking the question of does God sees our pain. This music video attempts to honestly assess the questions that people often have when going through grief. A.B.O, however, does not leave the listener feeling dejected, like Paul who says in scripture that Christians do not mourn as those who have no hope, A.B.O reminds listeners that we know in our hearts that we will meet our loved ones again and therefore our farewell is only temporal. We can rest our grief in the comfort provided by Jesus.

The track is styled in the traditional hip-hop sound. However on the other hand, for its complex message, there is a vagueness attached to the general direction of where the rapper is going, regardless the song does eventually nail the message down. The flow is slow and carries a smooth tone that creates an atmosphere for reflection.

The lyrics are shaped into a narration, in which A.B.O is telling a story, a story of pain, grief, and hope. In conclusion, I think that Farewell is an important song considering the complicated world we find ourselves living in, in 2021.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.

Farwell – ABO