Lilly Maya, an up-and-coming rapper on the Christian Hip Hop scene, recently dropped her first-ever single entitled ‘No Other God’ featuring Ayo Mush.

The track is about the single greatness and uniqueness of God. Maya starts off reminiscing about salvation and God’s redemption plan for humanity by rapping about fragments of her own salvation, describing the shame of the past and the sacrifice of Christ. The concept of ‘I was lost but now I am found’ underpins the song, giving it a strong biblical foundation. One of my favorites lines is when Maya says, “We be sipping on Jesus blood while yall be sipping on juice.’’ A line like that is almost audacious in the sense that we are not going to change our Christian rap to try and integrate with mainstream hip hop, but rather we going to celebrate our Christian identity by bragging about our Lord.

That brings me to the other idea that looms large in the lyrics, Maya is essentially boasting in Christ. Throughout the song, Maya brags about the goodness of God. The quality of the work produced is commendable, the lyrics and the rhythm synchronize nicely creating an ‘afro-hip hop’ fusion. ayo mush’s vocals provide that Africanist background to the song which grounds the track on African soil. The best word to describe the track is ‘dope’, I caught myself nodding to the beat which is really a fairly good piece of production work.

The lyrics were solid, and the rapper shows promising potential in this department, its depth needs to be expanded on a little more. Regardless Lily Maya can rap with a voice that can rival rappers both in Christian and secular music.

Lilly Maya – No Other God featuring Ayo Mush is recommended for your playlist. Now Available on all social media and music platforms.

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