CHH artist Adriaan Jacobs dropped his first single of the year titled Focused on God featuring DVon-J, Keagan Holland and Mdee. The single is available now on all major digital music platforms. Its beat was produced by Adriaan Jacobs and produced and mastered by Hurricane Ceasar.

Adriaan shares with us what the heart the single is; “Focused on God is there to allow the listener to discern what should be their main focus at this time. Many people are confused, stressed and overwhelmed that they tend to focus on the wrong things. By focusing on God, the listener experiences everlasting peace, joy and love in the presence of God. Our identities are found through the storm, we should introspect and ask ourselves what are we focusing on in this time. We’ve lost many loved ones during this time. Rest in peace to everyone that has been laid to rest in this time may God be with your family,” shared Adriaan. He added that he has applied this same mindset to his personal life, “by focusing on God you are able to walk with your head up knowing that God’s got you and there’s no reason to stress. It’s time to seek His face alone. Don’t be enticed by the world focus on God. Noah was focused on God whilst building the Ark; it wasn’t easy but Noah competed the Ark In preparation for the flood. Noah warned many people but they didn’t listen. Focus on God, don’t be left behind when the flood comes. It’s time to walk in the Calling of God over your life and allow 2021 to be God’s year.”

Adriaan also announced that he will be dropping his second studio album on the 19th of March 2021 which also happens to be his birthday. The album will be titled 13 (which means new beginnings). be sure to follow him on social media to get the tea on this project and other surprises the artist has planned for this year. But for now, do listen to Focused on God and let us know what you think.

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