Introducing our new addition to the SACHH team Joshua Govender as he writes on Milo April's latest project.

SA CHH artist Milo April opens up about his vulnerability and humanity in his latest work, April Diaries is now live. A deeply conscious ‘slow jam’ Hip Hop work,  April reveals “some dark moments” in his life from losing his brother to wrestling with his faith. In a recent social media post, the rapper described  the EP as, “By far the most uncomfortable project I’ve ever put together…Re-living some deeply scarring moments in order to express myself as accurately as possible through my writing…”

April adopts a reflective; storytelling flow with a smooth rhythm and poetic vibe. He ventures into his past walking the listeners through his life.

Throughout the project, there is a reoccurring theme of transparency and honest emotion. April articulates his failures, rapping that he is a man of many flaws. In ‘Moments’ he cites the iconic line, ‘Crooked sticks draw straight lines.” He also reveals the pain of losing his brother in 2007. April powerfully explores the relationship between personal suffering and the overwhelming grace of God.   

Heart Song
Best Friend
Dear God (Never Leave)
April Diaries

April Diaries Track List

In April Diaries, the rapper acknowledges his weakness and routinely admits his need to put his trust and dependence on God. Ultimately he concludes with a classic timeless message, that despite all the pain of life God will never leave you nor forsake you.

To book him contact him via or 0671006674. April Diaries is now available on digital platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music and Itunes.

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