On the 31st of August Zeal released his album These Things Happen; the album is available on all digital music platforms. We took a listen to the album and decided to do a review the album, we also asked Zeal about the process and heart behind the album.

The album consists of 10 tracks all vulnerable testimonies of all the rapper has gone through. “ I started working on the album from around 2012, some of the of the songs didn’t make it to the album but I will be releasing them later in an EP…” shared Zeal, “ some songs the verses had been written long ago and I just knew a once I heard a beat which verse would best suit it and other songs the beat came first and the lyrics flowed.” The title track was the last to be done earlier this year, the album speaks of tragedies and struggles some we all face perhaps not in the same manifestation but in the same effect, the collabs seemed so well thought as though group sessions on that topic, “ I just knew who would be good on the track, I chose the rappers I did because I respect how the rap, they were many others who asked to feature but for me, I wanted people who can rap and there is theology in their raps,” commented Zeal; he also collaborated with Courtney Antipas, Siz amongst others on tracks that didn’t make the album but will be released on an encore EP.

“These Things Happen” album was produced by 5 different producers namely Benny Mfasa, Casper, Odwa, Silasbeats, and Street Carnivor. The beats set a somber and reflective mood with the vocal volume presumably louder than the beats in order to emphasize the lyrics. The flow carries a distant reminder on the artist’s musical influences all of which adding to the overall feel of the album.

“ Take heart these bad things do come often, we never listen, coz if we did we would have prepared instead of falling backward our hearts now we repair, as long as you are alive you are going to feel the four seasons, happiness and hurt recur for a reason” – These Things Happen, Zeal. This verse summarises the heart behind the whole album, Zeal shared that he wants the listener to relate to his music and be encouraged through it to know that although these things have happened know that this is not the end and that you will get through it, just hold on to God.

I have been living on the edge, hope you won’t judge but rather find a lot of similarities.

Honesty – Zeal

Honesty explains the dilemma we find ourselves in when we do not lean on God’s word daily, he raps openly about his personal dilemmas. Sins featuring Landmarq echoes the same sentiments and points to the solution e.i Jesus Christ. Zeal noted in an interview that Landmarq out-rapped him in the track Sins.

Beautiful and Good Times all talk about women but not the same type, in comparison it reminds one of the contrasts of the Proverbs 7 woman and the Proverbs 31 woman. Beautiful praises women and apologizes for the man-brought struggles she has had to face specifically in the South African context. Whereas Good Times admonishes the woman who is so fixated with outward appearances to be wary of the dangers of not having substance.

…these are all the thoughts I carry facing devotion, I really miss my quiet time because of all the commotion

Answers – Zeal

All of the unanswered questions of loss and struggles that often get us doubting the faithfulness of God are suggested in the tracks Answers and Struggles. I.G.A.G seems to provide a response to the doubts that try to overwhelm our devotion.

The Fire track must be the one that hits the hardest not only because of the 808s but the message of how a believer is to use their vulnerability to point the lost to Christ, not being discouraged by a trip up but ask God to restore us back to Himself.

From the rises and falls of ministry, careers, family, self, and society the album covers the array of life’s issues and encourages the listener through every situation. Follow the link and take a listen to the project and let us know what you think.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.