The single was released earlier this year and has been well received by those who’ve heard, finally Sunday cometh with the official drop of Funukwenzan’ music video. And Allan P has given us a sneak preview of the music video, watch Funukwenzan’ music video now.

The video will be available for all from Sunday, 15 November 2020 on Youtube, but Allan P gave us a sneak peek at the music video. It seems to have been shot at night and camera shots are centered on the SA CHH artist. with video effects echoing the mood set by the overall feel of the music video. The fact that it begins with the artist’s head-to-shoulders focus draws us to listen to the lyrics as he explains the weariness of pursuing his passion. The scenery changes but still the same feel taking us back to his testimony of how this song came about and how it even encouraged him before his performance at the most recent 316 Urban Revival. Go check it out and let that mood shake off with this victory jam.

Stay tuned to SACHH the home of SA Christian Hip Hop because we have exciting news to announce soon.

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