The Gcwala chronicles continue with the premiere of Episode 4: Qhubeka featuring long time friend and member of LLM Malko. The Kingsmen celebrated five years of LLM last year with the release of their live album “5 years” and Qhubeka with two-thirds of the trio carry on the celebrations and lessons.

Qhubeka – Lux Kent ft. Malko

The beat produced by Tyrese Sineke merges the flow and styles of both Malko and Lux Kent and in the production of verses adding signature tones making the song one that amplifies the friendship between the two artists.
The storytelling ever so imagery, takes us into their respective prayer room as the open up to God about their desire to be men that their mothers would be proud of, be an example of a responsible son, yet the calling on their lives seems to be taking more out of them then they can give. The cry for God to give them living waters seems to draw us into noting the deep desire of all; that is only God can satisfy.

“We find it easier to make good quality content, but find it difficult to make any of the money we’ve put in. So how do we balance dream chasing and being a good son that must send money back home? So this song is for all dreamers, change-makers, and those who dare to leave nothing behind and give everything their ALL. Qhubeka! Noba kunzima, noba uphelelwa ngumoya! ASIZOYEKA!” .

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The slow-fast tempo of the chorus shadows the lyrics to beautifully emphasizing the pace of this race they are on and how it affects them. The song has the testimonial application of Paul’s words in Philippians 3 drawing the listener to a moment of quietness before God; of honest communication of the desire for him to renew our strength in whichever area in our lives.

The song should also encourage us to support one other in this ministry of witnessing God’s kingdom through creativity, be a Living Legacy Movement Patreon and support them in fulfilling that which God has called them to do. You can also purchase the single on any digital music platform. Be sure to leave a comment on Youtube and share the video, and while you’re at it, set a reminder for episode 5.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.