The wait is over as the much-awaited debut album will be live soon. Brandon Gospel recently dropped the cover artwork of Black Out, we caught up with him to find out what can we can expect from the album.

…the whole album is about the change from Saul to Paul, when he blacked out…

Brandon Gospel

The album was initially titled after the first track “Black and Changes” but after much reflection, the artist chose to name it Black Out, “for marketing reasons because when I researched there was a lot of Black and Changes, and secondly it was from a mentorship point because Black and Changes sounded more revolutionary although I understand what Black and Changes mean to me it may look like I am sending out a message that is contrary to the gospel… And people may not be able to see it the way I do, coz the whole album is about the change from Saul to Paul, where he blacked out,” explained Brandon.

What inspired the album?

Brandon: My faith journey and getting understand and embrace my identity as a Christian Black Creative

What song do you resonate the most with?

Brandon: Track number; 4 BLACK BOY  

What song do you think will be a fan favorite?

Brandon: Track number 8; Dark DNA, coz it’s Raw and vibes, featuring dope artists.

Where and when can people get a hold of it?

Brandon: It’s gonna be live in all digital platforms on the 16th of October 2020. 

To catch Brandon live, head over to Pretoria at Choose Life Church where he will be performing soon, be sure to follow him on social media to find out when. To book Brandon Gospel contact him via cell 061 959 2486 or email Set a reminder for the album, by the looks of the artwork it’s gonna be flames. Whilst you wait, go listen to the single he recently dropped, I Chose which is available on all digital music platforms.

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